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Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Our descent into the future is indicative of how much progress we are efficiently making. With new innovators and entrepreneurs taking the centre stage, we drive straight into the new age of science and technology. Concrete jungles and connectivity have become our aura, and we spend most of the time researching ways and means to make things around us more convenient, simpler and shaping it to fit our own definition of ‘futuristic’. This is turning our focus from a more human-centric to a material-centric universe — deviating from the force that drives us.

Now, our idea of relaxation is listening to music or driving down to a ‘hill-station’ to get a taste of the cool, fresh air. Surely, these methods are quick-fix to escape from the problems of the 21st century, but shouldn’t we be doing more to take care of ourselves for the long haul?

The thoughts to ponder upon are, ‘Are we doing enough for our body to keep up with the pace of development?

Is our mind peaceful and positive, as we gallop ahead?

Is our soul radiating positive energy, making us look forward eagerly to a new day?’ 

After all, isn’t the whole point of development, to enjoy it?!

There is a thorough imbalance that has taken place with time, and we crave for the synergy and a minute to rise above the surface and take a breath. We move forward, with our backs hunched, stressors riding us down with an overall lukewarm aura to tie it together. Pollution in every sense of the word hampers our lifestyle. Even though we try to inculcate small measures from time to time to try to reverse the effects, we can still do more, and moreover the right way.

Just like the problems we face in our everyday lives, this also has a simple and effective solution to detox and rise again. We can do this by introspecting and having a vision for a better future. Introspection and self-awareness is the first step to transitioning to a healthy lifestyle. It helps us visualise the target areas more clearly to tackle them efficiently. To back us up, we have many an ancient wisdom at our disposal, small routines of which will help turn our lives around. Talks of inner peace, a hale body and a spiritually aligned soul may not sound fashionable, but that sure is a good place to start. Being aware of ourselves and our surroundings, with a determination to age gracefully, will automatically pave the way to rejuvenation.

To enter into a better life with optimism, it is important to acknowledge our body, mind and soul, as different entities. Each of these three entities, require frequent doses of positivity and upkeep. Positivity will help enrich not only our outlook towards life, but also keep us motivated and on our toes, eager for something more positive to latch onto.

Taking up healthy lifestyle as a challenge will not only help improve our lifestyle and the way we handle every day as it comes, but also, will boost self-confidence and self-esteem. And then life will seem a cake-walk. Just like the phrase says, ’Good things take time!’, it takes smallest of the small changes to transition us into our idea of a ‘healthy person’. Time is an invaluable asset in today’s age, therefore finding brief moments to think about our own health also works to our advantage as it increases self-awareness which catapults us towards our goals.


"To answer our thoughts to the best Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." - Jim Rohn

For physical happiness, as commonly heard, exercise is the way to go! Exercise releases happy hormones in the brain, immediately lifting us way higher than we are. To breathe in through the nose after a run, gives the brain the first access to the oxygen, which revives and improves brain function. Another aspect to focus upon is diet. Reducing the intake of calorie-rich foods helps the body digest the food better and there is lesser to burn from all that exercise we are doing. Good health is largely defined by what we eat (contributing to 80% of our health and exercise being the other 20%). Exercise is the best way to give our body the adequate support it needs towards happiness and healthy lifestyle.


"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."- Buddha

For mental tranquility, we need to appreciate the world around us. With a simple mantra we can try and relieve our mind of any stress or negativity. It is done by simply focussing only on the positive and making happy memories. Let go of things that are beyond our control. Let us consciously try to minimise expectations and stay devoid of pride, prejudice and pretensions. The future seems promising, therefore let us plan for it without a drop of worry.


"My soul can find no staircase to Heaven unless it be through Earth's loveliness." - Michelangelo

To soothe our soul, the right balm would be a blend of selflessness, gratitude for the smallest of things, meditation and, definitely a periodical digital detox. Taking some time out to do the things we love, maybe go for a walk or read a book, or to pen deepest thoughts will relieve us of any unwanted stress. Doing something we have on our bucket list, will send a strong wave of satisfaction through our spirit, with adrenaline, of course!

The Universe works through a constant exchange of energies, therefore, a healthy person not only looks after himself, but also naturally maintains a balance and interacts with the world around him. Ancient wisdom has been compiled over time immemorial with the aim towards nurturing healthy body, mind and soul. Therefore, with ancient wisdom and the problems of the 21st century in perspective, the solution is already in our hands, just waiting to be tried out and used.

There is always a good time for everything, how about we make it now? So, Welcome to a Better life.

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