Power of Emotional Strength

Have your parents ever asked you:

  • Why are you blushing looking at someone’s picture online?

  • Why do you mindlessly keep scrolling your phone?

  • Why don’t you sit with us and enjoy your meals?

As much as they told you about crossing 5KMs of jungle, using old books, having a part time job since school days, having two kids at your age – here’s a fun fact: none of it is true!

It is as true as you trying to like a colleague because they are your boss’s favorite, (and you get your heart’s satisfaction making fun of them in your “friends only” group, but that’s for later). Yes, they went to school just as you went.

The truth they rather silently want to show you is:

  • Their “good morning messages with bouquet” is an attempt to be liked by you as you love your memes.

  • They create an account on Instagram not to stalk you, rather to show you how cool they are, so you could be as candid with them as you’re with your friends (and yes, to stalk you as well!)

  • Most importantly, they learn to cook your favorite cuisine because they’re dying to spend time with you!

While this is a blog about emotional health, why are we talking about parents so far?

Because more than 70% of people having issues in emotional and mental health have their roots in childhood. While our parents are also somehow aware of it, the best we could do is be aware that they’re trying their best now.

If you help them help themselves (it is definitely less messy than you scattering your toys all over as a kid because you had a mood swing), you will definitely have more emotional strength. (And your physical health, for that Auric’s drinks are always there to serve you!)

But what would happen if we try reclaiming these connections with our parents?

Will they come with you wherever you go with your friends? Of course not, we are not writing this to make you believe in nightmares! What we are doing is, when you do have nightmares, you know how to be emotionally stronger.

What will being emotionally stronger actually do?

  1. WHO had predicted beforehand for depression to be the most severe disease around 2020. The lockdown period alone has shown an increase in 20% cases – a time where most people didn’t step out of their homes. If being physically immune could protect you from corona virus, being emotionally immune would definitely protect you from being a part of that data. (Hanging out and following energy draining influencers also affects our emotional health. They are like pizza – with sass and toppings, however will make you feel worse later)

  2. If you have ever met a smiling doctor, you know half of your disease went away meeting them. Just like when you’re not hungry and 90% of “I’m not hungry” vanishes on seeing rajma rice. Well, you have to be the rajma rice for the world – to be so happy and emotionally strong from within, that everyone who comes in contact with you, half of their pain automatically goes away.

  3. As you grow stronger from within, you will feel contented on your progress. Does that mean you won’t want that Ferrari? Of course, you will get that Ferrari along with Schumacher in it, however if Sachin (or Sharma Ji ka ladka) gets it before you, you won’t feel bad about it.

Now that you know being emotionally stronger is always a win-win situation, how do you do it in the first place?

  • Keep checking-in with your loved ones: Okay, we’re not talking about you allowing those “nice and non-judgemental” guests to come to your home every now and then. We’re rather talking about texting / calling those who matter the most for you. The best part is, as you do it, you will notice that your own loneliness starts to fade away.

  • Never judge or assume: If you’re not affected by a circumstance while someone else is screaming and shouting, the best we could do is not label them. They may have had a difficult childhood. We all are walking with our pains and our childhood comparisons with Sharma Ji ka ladka till date.

  • Take care of yourself: Nothing could ever fall out of an empty cup. Or nothing could ever fall out of a brain that was waiting in a queue with a strainer while brain was being distributed everywhere. Not quite really, however the strainer is we think we don’t need to take care of ourselves. While in reality, the more you give to yourself the more your cup will be full to pour it out for others.

Being selfish towards taking care of your emotional health, especially when we cannot change our childhood (and Sharma Ji ka ladka) is the best gift we’d give to ourselves.

And everyone else (including your favourite relatives.)

Don’t just laugh at memes. Take care of yourself, so your life becomes a meme!

Take care of yourself, because 14 hours of shavasana is always better than insomnia!

Take care of yourself, because saying “I can’t hear you” when you want to ignore them on the Zoom call, is better than I’d rather be left alone.

You’re not alone. We all are in this ride together, to make the most memes out of your life!

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