Physical Health is the Doorway to Financial Wealth

Imagine a typical work day for most people.

Most people would wake up after snoozing their alarm seven times, drag themselves to get ready, and off to work!

What about breakfast?

We’ll have that while driving!

There’s a special sense of entitlement that comes from:

  • Having sandwich in one hand

  • Another hand on steering wheel

  • Eyes on roadside clash of Mercedes and BMW

  • Ears listening to news that’s irrelevant, and

  • Mouth doing the dual task of eating and criticizing the traffic

It’s funny we are having fun reading it – even though at some time or the other we have been the protagonist of this series.

And after all of that we wonder why we aren’t happy.

Every month we get in our paycheck and the account balance goes higher, why is there a simultaneous decrease in our enthusiasm?

Well, here’s the good news! You can get richer as well as more enthusiastic each month.

No, you don’t have to quit your job and stand on a single leg in Himalayas to feel that enthusiasm. Of course not! We would just ask you to stand on a single leg in your home and upload a picture on Instagram! (As if you won’t post it if we don’t ask you!)

As we get richer and climb the corporate ladder, we neglect the most important thing we have: our health. Health is like that mommy waiting for you, in the anticipation of “mere karan arjun aayenge!” Sadly, Mommy doesn’t know Karan and Arjun are never out of the battlefield.

That’s why we intend to get you to a place where you could be rich – both financially and physically!

Here’s how physical health would make you more cash as well: (Yayyy!)

  1. Improved focus: When the body is lethargic, there are 70% higher chances of making a mistake. With better health you would be able to make better decisions at work – that will ultimately bring in financial riches. Bonus points if you’re working with Parle-G!

  2. You won’t need premium mattress to optimize your sleep: Friends, our grandparents slept on the floor because they were fit. Mattresses won’t make your sleep better, your health would. And when your sleep is in order, you are most likely not to swipe credit cards on shopping sites to buy things you don’t like to impress people you don’t like. (And cannot meet anyway!)

  3. Sick leave, boss: There is an average loss of 16 work days a year, per employee, due to sickness. Guess if we took care of our health and brought it down to just half – 8 days a year. Remaining 8 days could be used to do anything! You will have the energy to get off your couch and walk to the other room to take your charger – instead of texting someone in that room to bring it to you!

Now that you know the benefits, how to take care of your health? You don’t have time to build six pack abs, what could you do during your days to be strong?

  • Sit more: What did you expect us to say? Move more? Not at all! Just sit more. Let’s say you’re sitting on your chair and working with laptop on the desk – don’t just sit there once. After every 60 minutes, stand up from the chair. And sit. Stand. Sit. Stand. Sit. Repeat 30 times. Just sit more!

  • Offline: Ever had the right amount of sleep yet in the morning you felt as if your boss just changed his/her favorite from you to someone else? That’s because though the body went off to sleep, the mind was assigned the task that is just read on an email – just before sleeping. It is like that level 3 of Mario – the irresistible urge to jump and gain those coins ultimately lead you to be hit by swans or fall down to the chasm. To avoid the chasm, set a time beyond which you won’t touch your devices. 8PM, 8:30 – whatever works for you – anything an hour before your bed. Because you need an hour to clean your utensils as well!

  • Replace bad habit with good one: No one knows you better than you! Yes we believe our astrologer knows us better, yet you know what the truth is! How about picking just one habit, just one habit that doesn’t serve you and replacing it with a good habit?

Let’s say you have a habit of consuming a lot of soft drinks – how about replacing that with your own bottle of auric drink in the office? We’d love you anyway, yet we want you to be responsible for taking care of your health! That’s why we are here for you!

We are also here to make sure you look good on social media posting pictures of your rich life and a healthy body – and make those people jealous who just stalk and never like / comment! (Pro tip: share this with them!)

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