The Locavore Movement

One may ‘identify’ as herbivore, omnivore, carnivore with preferences like vegan, gluten free, keto, low carb or high protein, but if there’s one food lifestyle that’s the most under rated, it’s loca loca locavore!

Locavore (n.)

A person that makes an effort to eat food that is grown, raised or produced locally, usually within 150 kilometers of home.

And honestly, if you’re someone who walks past an exotic isle at a super mart, almost salivating, through the exotic berries and produce, here are reasons to join the #LocavoreMovement and start consuming local:

1. It's a made for each other story!

Acai berries and avocado toasts are gorgeous and delicious. But ever thought why they don’t grow where you are? The rationale is simple. What grows within our community grows best here, and there’s no reason to consume any less of it. Nature’s gifts are different everywhere, and nature knows it’s job the best.

2. It’s eco-friendly

Local food does not travel far to arrive on your plate, and hence it reduces the greenhouse gas emissions. This means you’re reducing your carbon footprint. In easier words, you’re contributing to a better future on our planet. Also, #LocalForVocal, remember?

3. It’s actually better for you

In general, food that grows next door does not require many preservatives to increase the shelf life. Yes, it may not be the MOST colourful piece at the super mart, but it’ll be the most nutritious. We’re not saying locavores don’t enjoy a bit of foreign spices or chocolates, but when they do, they purchase those from local businesses around the area.

4. It’s NOT boring

If one had to eat local throughout the year in a country where the climate changes well, imagine the shuffling between what’s local now and a few months from now. Going locavore makes sure you get to eat a variety of fruits, vegetables and grains that is being produced in abundance, in it’s most natural form at that particular time. After all, Mangoes wouldn’t be so tasty if we had them all year round.

5. We are doing great!

Golden milk aka haldi doodh, chai tea latte or even ghee, we have it all. From the richest spices to herbs like Ashwagandha, Aloe Vera, Amla etc (check our drinks out), we literally have food that can cure everything from a naughty craving to a wholesome meal or even diseases for that matter. Well, I’m starting my locavore journey now, are you with me?

Guys - locavore is here to stay. It's time to unwrap our gifts, the ones often ignored just because we got them too easy.

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