A Recap to Rejuvenation

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

5 ways to incorporate Ayurveda in your Everyday Routine

Life, much like a see-saw, needs a balance of personal care with our daily interactions with the world. Living in developed/developing countries has taken a huge toll on the way we look after ourselves. The routines for self-care have become quick and effortless, with a heavy brew of chemicals, helping us to prioritise our tasks, but increasing our dependency on the ‘instant’ cosmetics. These quick remedies are neither preventive, nor curative. They might be just placebos, providing temporal relief, but unknowingly add stress to our mind, strain on our body and an imbalance to our soul.

As beings of the Universe, we constantly exchange energies with our surroundings and vice versa - energies that can turn your life around. According to Ancient Ayurveda, the body along with the senses, the mind and the soul, help sustain and distribute such energies in our being and also amongst everything we interact with. These imbalances manifest as symptoms that are physical (headaches, lethargy) and mental (lack of focus, low self-confidence). Deep down, even though we are going through our days with less to no conflict, we strive to be healthier and wish to lead a more fulfilling life.

The definition of being a successful person in today’s world, narrows down the spotlight to the materialistic goals and larger than life expectations. We believe that our ability to get through our daily mundane routine effortlessly, day after day, finishing our tasks and getting back home in time for dinner, is the standard life one is supposed to lead, in order to be classified as a successful person. And, it is time we rectify the misconception and alter this skewed definition of a successful person.

A successful person has found the secret to quality of life. A successful person is a person who has found the balance between his life and Nature. A successful person is a person, who can effectively and efficiently manage his day to day routine, calmly, without the inadvertent intervention of artificial aides. A successful person is so calm, that he cuts through stress like a warm knife through a stick of butter- with ease and precision.

“I wish to be more active and play more sports.”

“I hope I could check things off my bucket list before I turn 30.”

“A warm soak, with a book, is all I need after a day’s work.”

These questions would have triggered you to think something you have always wanted to do, but simply are unable to find the time or energy to accomplish. Why stop at words like, wish and hope? How about making time for yourself, after powering through the hectic day and still have time to tick items off your to-do list? Create space in your days for ticking off Bucket list…

Sages, scores of years ago, truly hit the jackpot to prolonging life. Ayurveda says, being balanced means being at peace. Ayurveda offers many small routines that you can inculcate, to help you truly live and be aware, every second of your balanced life. Here are some tips according to Ayurveda to include in your daily routine or Dinacharya:

1) Practice Early Rising: Ayurveda says that the early hours of one’s day traces out how the day will draw out. ‘Brahma Muhurta’ is said to be the ideal time one should wake up. ‘Brahma Muhurta’ or the ‘The Time of Brahma’ is known as the period of total synergy with the Universe. This occurs an hour before sunrise. Bursts of energy are said to pulsate in the Earth to welcome the Sun. An hour before sunrise is considered to be optimal as, you wake up, drawing power and warmth from the rising Sun, gradually warming up your body for a productive day.

2) Warm Water + Lemon + Honey Cleanse: Ayurveda preaches, drinking warm water with a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of honey, first thing in the morning, helps clear the system. The warm water with Lemon and Honey not only helps awaken and warm the body from the insides, but also boosts metabolism, stimulates the gastrointestinal system and hydrates the body, besides adding to the daily dose of Vitamin C.

3) Utilise the Head Start: Waking up before the world has surely given you first dibs at the early morning energies, the fresh oxygen and the positive vibrations, yet, there are better ways to make use of the jump start to your day. This is the best time to surround yourself with nature before the world gets polluted for the day. Going for a brisk walk, run, or merely sitting around nature will improve your mood and your outlook for the day. This will also help you clear your mind, get the blood flowing and nourish the senses.

4) Meditation and Deep Breathing: Meditation has been proven to help align one’s body mind and soul. Popular culture confuses meditation with mindfulness, when in actuality, both go hand in hand. Through meditation, mindfulness can be achieved to its highest capacity. Meditation can be done by sitting in the ‘padmasana’ or ‘lotus’ pose, with our backs straight and a controlled breath. Focussed breathing and breathing exercises helps improving the flow of oxygen into our body and also its distribution to the tiniest cells of the body. Breathing practises like ‘Pranayama’ and ‘Kapalbhati’ also aid in abdominal and inner lung workout. These practises bring peace to our being and not only help sustain the life force, but turn it into a big roaring fire. Meditation and breathing exercises bring increased self-awareness, peace and a little ‘me-time’.

5) Organised Diet Scheduling: “The trick to being fit, should be 80% food and 20% exercise.” With quick-to-make and ready-to-eat foods in the market, we end up consuming junk. Therefore, to detox, the best and easiest solution we can opt for is eating intelligently and sticking to a routine for our diet. Instead of opting for a meal full of processed foods and empty-nutrition foods, go for fruits and fresh produce. Try including new and efficient methods of cooking, by knowing your body and its requirements. Introducing spices in your meal also helps the body function smoothly. Including natural foods in your diet automatically revitalises the body of any lacking nourishment. Ultimately, a balanced diet means a balanced life.

Ayurveda is an all-knowing repertoire, just waiting to be found, approached and explored. This ancient secret to a better life is most needed today - just incorporating it into our routines and in our lives is all that remains. Its proven results speak louder than its philosophies. Therefore, it's time we recap and rejuvenate.

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