IMMUNITY – Your Body’s Ammunition - Science of Immunity Booster

IMMUNITY – Your Body’s Ammunition - Science of Immunity Booster

IMMUNITY – Your Body’s Ammunition - Science of Immunity Booster

“I have two scoops of Chyawanprash every morning.”

“Four cups of green tea in a day and I’m all set.”

“I eat 7 almonds a day.”

“An apple a day.”

“But I believe in all-natural ways. I stick to garlic and honey early morning on empty stomach.”

“I’ve always believed in exercise and a balanced diet. I walk 5 km daily!”

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this was the conversation, I (unwillingly) overheard in the local train yesterday. A bunch of ‘young’ Senior Citizens were boasting about their personal routine to boost immunity.

On a serious note, some pondering made me realise that those senior citizens, more or less, represented our entire society when it comes to ‘The-things-we-do-to-enhance-immunity.’

Some of us prefer delicious nutritive jam like Chyawanprash, while some forgo the urge for taste and consume green tea. Some choose the easy way of immunity from medicinal tablets & supplements while some wake up to the morning routine of detoxing their system with honey-ginger or honey-garlic. Some believe that physical exercise and a balanced diet will help equip their immune system to conquer diseases.

This is intriguing, indeed. And what do we do when intrigued?

Auric set out on a quest for answers to discover paradox!

We all know something about everything. Immunity is no exception. We are familiar with the definition of immunity, importance to enhance it and I am pretty sure we all have our own personal hacks to do that. A simple Google search for ways to boost immunity provides over 88,00,000 results in less than 0.72 seconds and yet what startled me was a W.H.O report stating that our life expectancy has increased and a National Academy of Sciences’ report stating that we have become weaker than ever.

The trusted knowledge of Ayurveda gave us truth

We now live longer, but we now live weaker than we ever did! We are more dependent on medicines than we ever were. Medicinal development has helped us live longer but not particularly healthier.

We do so much for our immunity and yet, we fall short! Are we doing something wrong?

For answers, we should turn to the most trusted knowledge – Ayurveda.

Vyaadhiksamatva, (or Immunity, as we like to call it) is quite a captivating and a multi-faceted subject in Ayurveda. It is not just immunity against specific infectious viruses or disease-causing pathogens rather Ayurveda implies that Vyaadhiksamatva is resistance against the loss of integrity, proportion, and interrelationship amongst every person’s bio-energies (doshas) and tissues (dhatus). This harmonious relationship amongst the supporting elements of mind and body is called as dhaatusaamya, which is wildly accepted truest meaning of immunity in the world of Ayurveda and it also highlights immunity as an intricately interwoven concept of nutrition, Agni (digestive fire), and tissue formation.

Ojas – The Ayurveda secret to Immunity

The quintessence of all the tissues of the body is known as Ojas and immunity is highly related to the health of one’s tissues. In other words, the superior vital essence of all the bodily tissues forms the ojas. It is the prominent energy which pervades all tissues and cells and is the main determinant of our immune health and thus our resistance to disease.

Ojas is said to be of two types:

1. Para Ojas: Exists in a quantity of eight drops and is located within the heart; its loss leads to death.

2. Apara Ojas: Distributed throughout the body.

Ojas forms the essence of kapha – the source of body strength, vigor, vitality, and immunity. Strong agni yields healthy ojas and thus, ojas serves as a direct indicator of the quality of agni.

Being the ultra-fine, subtle essence that it is, ojas is responsible for our immunity against diseases but is affected by almost every aspect of our lives. The crux of ojas or Vyaadhiksamatva is to make our body well-equipped not only for disease prevention but also for rapid recovery after any disease affliction. Ayurveda understands that prevention is as important as cure when it comes to health. Hence, strengthening the immune system in a natural way to help the body fight against diseases is the Ayurvedic formula to holistic health.

Ayurveda recommends Rasayana to boost Ojas

Acharyas have always encouraged the use of Rasayana to enhance ojas and vyaadhiksamatva.

Rasyanas are health-promoting and rejuvenating agents which help your body build resistance against diseases. Ojas is responsible for good health and strong immunity and rasayanas are highly regarded as ojas promoting herbs in Ayurveda and are also used to address immunological regulations and immunodeficiency disorders. Rasayanas promotes the optimal strength and vitality, not of one isolated tissue or system, but of the entire organism. Thus, rasayanas ensure stable ojas.

Rasayanas are employed in Ayurveda to enhance the quality of life, promote ojas and vyaadhiksamatva, and eventually boost your immunity. To mention a few from the extensive list of Rasayanas, Ayurveda holds Moringa, Amla, Gotu Kola, and Haldi quite high. Their blend armors your body to stabilize ojas and boost your immunity.



Now, after knowing the ayurvedic core of vyaadhiksamatva, the basis of ojas, and vitality of rasayanas, we understand that immunity is not just about extending life, but about leading life gracefully and staying healthy.

However, the question prevails. How do we do it?

How do we stabilise our ojas or make our body vyaadhiksamatva equipped or how do we extract the rich benefits of rasyanas to induce strong immunity?

Sounds difficult?

The answer is simple.


It is the perfect blend of the rasayanas that will induce immunity, make your body vyaadhiksamatva equipped and stabilize your ojas.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m sure we all have our own personal immunity hacks. How about we add 250 ml to that?


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