Natural Ayurveda Nutrition is our Morality

Natural Ayurveda Nutrition is our Morality

The true story of a product lies at the back of it's packaging. Auric did its research and found that Almost every single Amla Juice & Aloe Vera Juice selling in the market in Junk. Period

Auric believes in Clean Label and 100% Natural Nutrition. "If you cannot feed the same products to your children, you may not as well sell to others", is a common phrase our founder, Deepak uses in our team meetings. The story of every product is at back of the pack in the ingredient section. We did our own little research starting with Herbal Juices. We found something ugly, most people would cringe on falling Morality standards in Ayurveda
Almost every single Amla Juice & Aloe Vera Juice selling in market in Junk. Period.

Are Ayurvedic companies hiding something from you by not showing a nutrition table? 

Most Ayurvedic products in the market do not mention basic details on calories, sugar, fibre in the form of a nutrition table on the back of the pack. How else will I count my calories & sugar intake?

A lot of Herbal Juice companies also have "Permitted Class II preservatives"

I am sure I did not permit it when I paid money. Whoever permitted it, should pay for it and drink it!

A lot of Herbal Juices have Sodium Benzoate. What is this?

Sodium Benzoate has the chemical formula C6H5COONa. It does not occur naturally. 
It is the 1st preservative American Food Association allowed and is today widely used in food products. 
It is also used as a medicine for people with high levels of Ammonia in their blood. 
By the way, it is also used to prevent corrosion in car engines !! 
Finally, Sodium Benzoate can convert to Benzene under conditions such as heat. FYI - Benzene is cancer causing i.e. Carcinogenic if there are more than 5 parts per billion. 
Is your Amla or Aloe Vera juice less than 5 parts of cancer causing Benzene. If not then may be that sodium benzoate you are drinking is to either prevent corrosion of your stomach engine or may be it is used to treat ammonia in your blood. 
Even if it is safe, it is not a clean label. Choice is yours ! 

We found a lot of Ayurvedic Juices with Xanthum Gum

Xanthum Gum is a popular additive for making your food experience goo-ey literally. 
It can lower blood sugar if consumed in large quantities. Isn't that the job of diabetes medication? 
It can increase your bowel movements and alter gut bacteria. We thought high fibre foods should take care of our bowels
Is that wallpaper glue you are mixing and drinking? We seem to have an unwelcome guest in our herbal juices!



***Auric Juices are 100% Natural and contain No Preservatives, No Artifical Substances, No Chemicals, No Added Sugar. Only Pure Goodness.

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