Our beverages are safe, non-toxic, and highly efficacious. We don't need any synthetic compound, preservative, artificial colour or flavour. We trust the power of Nature to bring you Good Health.

Auric is an amalgamation of Modern Science along with Trusted Wisdom of Ayurveda.

Our lifestyle is full of toxins - due to pollutants, junk food & stresses of modern times.

All of it leads to imbalance of Free Radicals (FR) & Antioxidants (AO) along with chronic inflammation resulting in growth of Senescent cells i.e. Ageing cells.

Auric concoctions of Ayurvedic Herbs restore the balance between FR & AO and also enhance Anti-inflammation capability of Mind, Body and Skin. The Ready-to-drink functional drinks come in compact, easy to carry bottle format. They are designed for your 21st century lifestyle at the core. We bring back the Ancient Wisdom in contemporary form - modern yet convenient.


We have invested over 18 months to develop these highly efficacious, functional beverages. We’ve patiently brewed our vision of the future of health on top of an incredible foundation — YOU. 



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Meet the Core Team

Ramautar Agarwal


Stickler for process and like an Army General ensures all things happen by will, not by chance. Having spent 4 decades in managing legal & financial controls of SMEs, lending the much needed stability to a fledgling enterprise like ours.

Aman Gupta


Reads between the lines to discover magic when it comes to human choices and behaviours. Believes that marketing has evolved to an innovative confluence of robust data and fluid creativity. Passionate about the capabilities of human mind to aspire and excel. Unearthing the beauty of meditation and ancient wisdom since 8 years via various practices.

Anirudh Sharma


Special knack of striking a conversation with everyone under the sun, basis his uncluttered understanding of everyday life.

Deepak Agarwal


Passionate about consumer brands, who believes brands reflect consumers intrinsic personality. Enthusiastic about Fitness, who believes everyone should aspire to live 100 years to experience many treasures our universe offers. A Chemical Engineer who believes that all food should be chemical-free. 

Mohit Gupta


Meditation is his passion which is where his passion for Auric originates. He has an eye for detail and with 15+ years experience with top 3 FMCG companies, making him the best person to lead our Operations and Quality.

Every ingredient that we've included in our products is there for a specific health reason. We do not use fillers of any kind, meaning that almost every ingredient in our products is an “active” ingredient, used for a purpose. This results in pure, highly concentrated, and hydrating beverages. All of our drinks have emphasis on natural, high quality ingredients, sourced from world over.

With ingredients ranging from powerful Ashwagandha, exotic Gotu Kola to highly-beneficial herb called Moringa, we have formulated functional beverages that restore balance and vitality. 

Beauty & Wellness Beverages for Mind, Body, Skin, Hair  & Weight. Powered by 5000 years of Ayurvedic Wisdom. All Auric beverages are 100% Natural.


  • DrinkAuric Instagram Account
  • DrinkAuric Facebook Page
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